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#046 Amélie Caron – City Inspector To Building Performance Specialist – Edifice Complex Podcast

#046 Amélie Caron – City Inspector to Building Performance Specialist – Edifice Complex Podcast

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 266).

Our guest this episode is Amélie Caron talking about her journey from city building inspector to building performance specialist.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How subsidies remove value
  • Building to last Vs building with a maintenance plan
  • How to make sustainability a high value want

And much more…….

For more information on Amélie

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Amélie is a principal at EcoSynergy and a sustainability and building performance specialist. Amélie has worked in different areas of the construction industry, always promoting energy efficiency across Canada (Montréal, QC to Edmonton, AB). She began with NRCan’s Energuide for Homes program (today Ecoenergy), which promotes energy efficient renovations, going on to new construction, on-site training and consulting in high efficiency housing i.e. Energuide 86 and/or Net-Zero Energy Goal.

Amelie has a master’s degree in building science and sustainable design and is a registered energy advisor and LEED for homes green rater.

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