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10 Top Follows On LinkedIn

10 Top Follows on LinkedIn

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 319).

I recently met someone new to the building design and construction circus. They asked me who they should follow on LinkedIn for inspiration and virtual mentoring.

After some thought, I decided to exclude people I directly work with and directed them to the 10 people I check and enjoy the most on LinkedIn.

1 – Scott Galloway
Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern & Founder, Section4

Scott is nothing to do with building design and construction. However, he is insightful, funny, passionate, irreverent and, did I say funny?

2 – Marcus Myers
Director of Commissioning and Energy Services, US West at Stantec

Marcus is one of the most passionate people I have interviewed. He is the person you really want to mentor you when you start your career.

3 – Ryan Lean
Associate Partner at JB&B

Ryan is a mover and shaker and past president of the USA Building Commissioning Association.

4 – Thomas Toftgaard Jarløv
Founder & CEO of CxPlanner

Thomas is a high level Commissioning specialist, a CEO, an author and an industry leader. He might be one of the most accomplished, productive people I know.

5 – Prof. Bent Flyvbjerg
First BT Professor and Inaugural Chair of Major Programme Management, Oxford University

Prof. Bent Flyvbjerg is a prolific writer and deep thinker on megaproject management. Very insightful and thought provoking.

6 – Ben Breen
Global Head of Construction & Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Project Management Institute

Ben is a mover and shaker in APAC and is leading an initiative at PMI with focus on construction as a project management discipline.

7 – Dr. Rochelle Ade
Sustainability and Green Building Obi-Wan Kenobi

Following years of experience and deep research Rochelle has concluded that Green Building Certifications have little value. I agree. Rochelle advocates for actual sustainability.

8 – Eliot Benor of Building Envelope Testing LLC

I am a big fan of Eliot and Building Envelope Testing LLC. They are doing great work and are evangelists for testing and getting right the most important building system i.e. the envelope.

Robert and I interviewed them for the Edifice Complex Podcast (Episode #36 ). Great quote: “you build it and we will come and spray water on it for 15 minutes”.

9 – Jerry Yudelson
Author of “The Godfather of Green: An Eco-Spiritual Memoir,” and 12 other books.

Jerry is the OG of sustainability and green building movement.

10 – Lloyd Alter
Editor/writer/ Adjunct Professor
Twitter: @lloydalter

Lloyd is actually better on Twitter where he has 17.8K followers. He is always witty and on point.

Twitter: @BLDWhisperer

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