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4 Laws Of CxM

4 Laws of CxM

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 304).

Why are good Commissioning Managers so hard to find?

The caliber of people in commissioning management really does matter. There are a lot of spreadsheet shufflers out there, but commissioning managers that have the “right stuff”, are an elite minority. How so?

Commissioning managers are expected to be a “3 in 1”. They are expected to have:

  1. Building commissioning + engineering domain expertise
  2. Project management skills
  3. Leadership capabilities + soft skills

If commissioning managers where a Venn diagram they would look like this:

Commissioning managers that have the right stuff:

  • Do not shout or lose their tempers.
  • Do not bully or “punch down”.
  • Do not constantly seek attention and approval.

Great commissioning managers understand the 4 laws of commissioning management:

  1. Alignment – via communication and leadership.
  2. Keep it simple – reduce and communicate complexity so people can understand and move forwards.
  3. Prioritize and execute – sequence the work into manageable chunks.
  4. Decentralized management – push decision making to site level to empower the commissioning team.

(Yes, this is an adaptation of the 4 laws of combat and leadership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin)

Not every member of the commissioning management project team need to have the “3 in 1” skill set consistent with the Venn diagram above. Commissioning teams also need specialist skill sets that cover mechanical, electrical and ELV systems. However, the commissioning management project team leader does need to have the “right stuff”.

Given the job commissioning managers are asked to do, is it any wonder the good ones are hard to find? Next time you appoint commissioning management services, use the diagram above as a checklist to review the lead commissioning managers CV. Also, do not expect the commissioning manager with the “right stuff” to be cheap. Only spreadsheet shufflers are cheap!

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