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Automate Commissioning Schedules (Programmes)

Automate Commissioning Schedules (Programmes)

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 207).      

BlueRithm Commissioning software are excited to announce their latest feature update, automated commissioning schedules for your projects.

This new feature allows you to manage the entire commissioning process from planning to scheduling to managing workflow and teams. Also, progress can be monitored and reported rapidly from dashboards. The next time your client asks you for a schedule or status report, all you’ll need to do is click Export! 

Along with this update, BlueRithm have updated the BlueRithm Systems Template to v3.4. The update includes new Cx milestones, which contain useful information for managing the Cx process, which are important to show in a commissioning schedule. You can import the Systems Template v3.4 from the Options menu on the Templates tab of your project list.

Creating an accurate project commissioning schedule used to require advanced knowledge of scheduling tools like Microsoft Project or Primavera, along with LOADS OF TIME to input data, organize it properly, etc. Now, all it takes is clicking a few buttons in BlueRithm, and it will create a project schedule for you that has all of the same work you already have set up and are tracking in your project in BlueRithm. It’s another example of how BlueRithm automates tedious administrative work and helps you focus your experience and expertise where it counts the most.

Here’s a few screen shots showing what BlueRithm can automatically produce for you…

Do you want to save time and money? Do you want to automate? Go to BlueRithm today and open an account and experience the difference the market leading, professional commissioning software platform can make in the eyes of your clients, the project teams you engage with, and your bottom line. 

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