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Adam Muggleton Bio
Property Industry Blogger & Philosopher
Property Industry Podcaster –
Chartered Project Management Surveyor
Building Commissioning Professional
Architect of “Converge”, Canada’s award-winning, digital building information asset management tool
Director Building Commissioning, AJB Hightech Ltd

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International Board Director for the BCA USA
Founder and Managing Director of CDML Consulting Ltd
Managing Partner at Cobalt Engineering LLP Canada
Property Development Manager M3 Consulting UK
Senior Commissioning Specialist Arup USA
Director JPS Environmental Services Ltd


Building Whisperer Mission Statement

Many have asked why the Building Whisperer wastes time blogging. There is an ongoing mission;

Investigate, highlight and suggest solutions for the absurdities in the property design and construction industry, of which there are many;
Heap ridicule on those that desperately deserve it. The Building Whisperer is the arbiter of who is deserving as it is all in his humble opinion;
Highlight that zero defect, high-performance buildings are possible, all owners have to do is demand them.

In summary, disrupt the status quo because IMHO, it is simply not good enough!

Current Ventures
CDML Converge Limited

Successful Exits
CDML Consulting Ltd
Cobalt Engineering LLP Canada
JPS Environmental Services Ltd UK

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