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Bluerithm + Autodesk Integration

Bluerithm + Autodesk integration

Bluerithm are announcing a new way to streamline and automate design / construct / commission / operate workflows. This new integration will allow Bluerithm to easily connect to Autodesk Construction Cloud projects and automatically synchronize data back and forth.

Version 1 will focus on issue log management, quickly followed by other workflows related to files and asset data management.

This is just one of several projects we have underway for powerful integrations. Stay tuned for official release dates and more information!

There’s nothing else like Bluerithm!

It’s a technical project management platform that automates and streamlines complex work, like commissioning, completions, inspections, test and balance, and digital asset data management on commercial and industrial construction projects. It’s much more than a tool for simple checklists and test forms.

With Bluerithm you’re not forced into a certain way of building your workflows, test forms, and projects. You can use flexible building blocks to digitize the best practices you’ve worked hard to refine over time, as well as facilitate the digital workflows of tomorrow.

Let’s talk
If you’re not already using Bluerithm, we want to hear about your company, team, and projects, and find out if Bluerithm will be a good fit for you.

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