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BlueRithm Cx Software – New Features

BlueRithm Cx Software – New Features

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 217).      

 BlueRithm Commissioning software are excited to announce their latest feature updates.

Starting November 1, 2019  a new update now allows email notifications to be sent to any or all project members. The notifications contain direct links to the reports where they can be viewed and / or downloaded.

Take a look!

Coming new features in 2020:

Offline App

BlueRithm are nearing the finish line with our app that will include offline capabilities. Just like the current web portal, it will have a consistent user interface across platforms (Android, iOS, Windows). BlueRithm know you’ve been waiting for this!

API and Integrations

BlueRithm will be bringing powerful interfaces with other platforms that you and your clients use, as well as giving you a way to pull raw data from BlueRithm into other platforms.

Automated Schedules

This feature is valuable not only for you and your team to manage your project, but also for your clients and project teams. The next time your client or a GC asks you for a schedule, all you’ll need to do is click Export!

Other Big Things!

BlueRithm have more great things in store as they continue to build the team and capabilities. 

BlueRithm are announcing pricing changes for 2020. This does *NOT* affect current customers. Start an account now to lock in your account at the current rates!

Do you want to save time and money? Do you want to automate? Go to BlueRithm today open an account and experience the difference the market leading, professional commissioning software platform can make. 



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