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BlueRithm Referral Program

BlueRithm Referral Program

Beginning now, when you start your account simply email support if you’ve been referred to us by an existing Bluerithm customer (or if you’re an existing customer and referred a new customer) and we will add a 3-month credit to both party’s accounts.

The credit will be automatically applied on the following months or next annual renewal. Let’s go!

There’s nothing else like Bluerithm!

It’s a technical project management platform that automates and streamlines complex work, like commissioning, completions, inspections, test and balance, and digital asset data management on commercial and industrial construction projects. It’s much more than a tool for simple checklists and test forms.

With Bluerithm you’re not forced into a certain way of building your workflows, test forms, and projects. You can use flexible building blocks to digitize the best practices you’ve worked hard to refine over time, as well as facilitate the digital workflows of tomorrow.

Let’s talk
If you’re not already using Bluerithm, we want to hear about your company, team, and projects, and find out if Bluerithm will be a good fit for you.

BlueRithm Investor & Advisor

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