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BlueRithm Updates: Conferences, Integrations, And More

BlueRithm Updates: Conferences, Integrations, and More

What have BlueRithm been up to?
BlueRithm are grateful to have been able to attend not just one, but TWO in-person BCxA events in last 30 days. In early October BlueRithm were at the BCxA Annual Conference in Toronto, ON, and within the past few days at the BCxA Northeast Chapter Annual Summit in New York City. It’s been so nice to see familiar faces in person, as well as new ones and catch up on what’s happening in the industries we work in.

There’s a lot going on at BlueRithm. You may recall the announcement about a round of private funding, hiring new engineers, and all of the features we’ve been releasing and working on.

Where are BlueRithm going?
BlueRithm are excited to be part of the industry in this time of rapid technology adoption. Finally, our industries are embracing the need to automate tedious work, eliminate duplicated efforts across stakeholders, and overall improve efficiency and results to clients and society.

BlueRithm have delivered and are working on new ways of integrating BlueRithm into the greater property design, development, and construction technology ecosystem. The next few years will bring a reality where digitizing basic workflows, forms, & checklists within a single firm is just the tip of the iceberg of what will be possible, and necessary to deliver the results clients expect. Automating data transfer across firms, platforms, teams, etc. is where the real value of an integrated construction technology ecosystem really is.

Continued growth
BlueRithm customers around the world continue to find success using BlueRithm on large and complex projects around the world. It’s great having friends wherever we go!

If you haven’t started a free BlueRithm account yet, do that now. It only takes a minute, or just take a look at what BlueRithm do.

BTW: BlueRithm have a lot more of these features coming. If you haven’t already, be sure to start your free BlueRithm account now, Start Your Free Account today

Why are you still using paper and hard to control spreadsheets? Download the BlueRithm Windows, iOS or Android App.

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