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Building Design & Performance Verification Model

Building Design & Performance Verification Model

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 433).

In a world where low carbon, high performance buildings are required, building performance needs to be intentionally targeted, verified & benchmarked then optimized during the operational life cycle.

Building Design & Performance Verification Model

This model seems simple and instinctively we assume this is what is done on every project. However, in my experience it is not always done well or completely documented. Also, it is the exception not the norm, for the facilities management team to monitor and optimize Energy Use Intensity (EUI) & Water Use Intensity (WUI) plus Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

For owner operators, the monitoring and optimization of EUI & WUI plus IEQ is vital if sustainability and carbon reporting is to be taken seriously. The technology to document and track EUI & WUI plus IEQ exists, the innovation, is to actually do it.

I believe legislation is necessary to require building owners and/or operators to report EUI & WUI quarterly to local municipalities and this data made open source together with building type and GFA. Making this data public domain and free of charge for data analysis enables everyone to see which building operators are living up to their sustainability and operational carbon targets.

Anyone in local government interested in this approach?

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