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Commissioning Professionals Earning $200K?

Commissioning Professionals Earning $200K?

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 238).

Have you hired a Millwright or a Cooper lately? Do you use a Blackberry?

Everything changes. Jobs and whole professions can be displaced by technology. The days of careers for life are over due to acceleration in technological and societal change. The current pandemic is hyper-accelerating change by revealing fragile companies and professions plus unnecessary jobs.

Despite the property industry’s epic ability to resist change, I believe change is coming to the commissioning industry. This change will be a steady move towards:

1. Simplicity with automation
2. Digital, IoT building control and commissioning solutions
3. A corps’ of multi-skilled, highly paid commissioning professionals

The future commissioning professional will have fundamental knowledge in building design and engineering and be a combination of a TAB, Controls and Cx. The future building commissioning professional will be digital.

Evolution of TAB , Controls Engineering and Building Commissioning

If I was early or mid career, I would heed the Chinese proverb of “digging the well, before you are thirsty”. To put this in practice, I would acquire the necessary skill stack to position myself as a high earning building commissioning professional.

Acquiring skills is not the same as obtaining another useless degree. Value will only be recognized in people who can actually produce real results. Skill acquisition is practical and vocational. Future commissioning skill sets consist of applied specialist engineering skills plus soft skills.

Skill Stack For The Future Ready Building Commissioning Professional

In the future, 80% of building commissioning on site will be writing, deploying, verifying and tuning algorithms. It will be holistic and systems based, not bullshit equipment check lists and start up reports. It will look like this:

Anyone with the skill stack in the diagram above will be in an elite, high earning corps’ of practitioners who will be able to work when ever they want for whomever they want.

The future belongs to those whom prepare, are you future proofing yourself?

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