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Commissioning Software – New Ways To View Cx Projects

Commissioning Software – New Ways to View Cx Projects

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 214). 

BlueRithm Commissioning software are excited to announce their latest feature update. There are now new powerful ways to visualize and organize your Cx projects

Along with the property Area Served, you can now add Location and Association (for grouping) to each system and subsystem. These properties can all be added and edited with configuration forms, and BlueRithm have added a new view to the user interface so you can visualize and track your project in new and useful ways. 

Note that you will need to set these properties to use the new features on your project. Also note that you do NOT have to use the properties if they’re not needed or wanted. 

There are also Custom System Properties that you can toggle on and off, which can also be added and edited with a configuration form. 

Here is a quick look!

We hope you love this new feature!

Do you want to save time and money? Do you want to automate? Go toBlueRithm  today and open an account and experience the difference the market leading, professional commissioning software platform can make in the eyes of your clients, the project teams you engage with, and your bottom line. 

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