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“Comsplaining” – Commissioning Definitions

“Comsplaining” – Commissioning Definitions

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 102) – All IMHO:

A common theme I find on all projects, particularly international projects, is the lack of agreement on what building Commissioning actually is. 

To quote the movie “Cool Hand Luke”, there is a “failure to communicate” due to, IMHO, the macho culture in our industry that demands zero humility and the defence of poor contractual positions at all costs. 

I find the best way to move forward on “failures to communicate” is to step back and agree on definitions. This way, misunderstanding is narrowed because there is clarity via definitions and discussions are held in context. 

Therefore, to advance communication and pop culture in building design and construction I would like to introduce the concept of “comsplaining”. It is a bit like “mansplaining” but in the building Commissioning context. 

My first contribution to “comsplaining” are the definitions (see below) I use in building Commissioning discussions, presentations, proposals, contracts and arguments. I do not see these as the last word, so if there are any mistakes or better versions, please let me know. Enjoy…..

Note: Definitions document can be downloaded in PDF at

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