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Edifice Complex Podcast  #027 Marcel Harmon – Constructing Our Niches

Edifice Complex Podcast #027 Marcel Harmon – Constructing Our Niches

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 203).     

Our guest this episode is Marcel Harmon talking about engineering, anthropology plus political economist Elinor Ostrom and their intersections with building design and development. 

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In this episode, we discuss;

  • How the dominance of air conditioning in America is an historical accident
  • Elinor Ostrom’s eight principals 
  • The “silent box” of poor design and construction

And much more…….

Note: Marcel provided a post interview correction. Political economist Elinor Ostrom was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics and not the Nobel Peace Prize. Duly noted sir, and thank you for coming on the show. 

For more information on Marcel and his work



Twitter: @MarcelHarmon1 

Constructing our Niches Download:  

Elinor Ostrom: 


Marcel Harmon is a licensed Professional Engineer with a Masters Degree and Doctorate in Anthropology. Marcel is a Senior Associate at Branch Pattern where he consults on building design and undertakes research projects. 


  • Bachelor of Science – Architectural Engineering, Anthropology, Kansas State University
  • Master of Art – Anthropology, University of New Mexico
  • PhD – Anthropology, University of New Mexico


  • CITI Program Group 3: Social/ Behavioural Course 
  • Design Kit: The Course for Human- Centred Design – Statement of Accomplishment 
  • PE (Professional Engineer) 

Top Skills

  • Research 
  • Interdisciplinary Research 
  • Sustainability 


  • Patriotism of a Different Kind 
  • The “Game of Life and Death” Within the Casas Grandes Region of Northern Mexico 
  • The Commissioning Agent as Anthropologist – Part 1 
  • If We Say That Nature Is Priceless, Do We End up in Effect Treating It as Valueless? 
  • Constructing Our Niches: Evolution’s Relevance to Modern Human Society 

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