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Edifice Complex Podcast  #030 Dr. Steven Fawkes – Finance & Energy Efficiency

Edifice Complex Podcast #030 Dr. Steven Fawkes – Finance & Energy Efficiency

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 213).    

Our guest this episode is Dr. Steven Fawkes talking about finance and energy efficiency. 

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In this episode, we discuss;

  • There is no shortage of money available for investment
  • How nobody wakes up wanting to buy energy efficiency 
  • How energy supply is investable but energy efficiency currently is hard to invest in

And much more…….

For more information on Dr. Steven Fawkes and his work



Twitter: @DrSteveFawkes 


After 30 years experience in energy efficiency and finance Steven founded EnergyPro in 2012 to help accelerate investment into the energy transition, especially in energy and resource efficiency. EnergyPro works in four ways:

1. Inform: providing targeted information to guide decision making

2. Incubate: providing early stage support for transformative technologies and business models

3. Innovate: deploying new business models and accessing investment to address business opportunity

4. Invest: identifying investment opportunities, managing the investment process and delivering the investment case.

Like the rest of the EnergyPro team, Steven is interested in working with people who see the massive changes in energy and sustainability as positive developments, and producing real value for organisations looking to improve energy productivity, looking for growth opportunities in the new energy economy and those looking to develop new business models and ventures. As well as deep sector knowledge and leading edge thinking Steven brings strategic vision, extensive global contacts in industry and finance, experience of raising capital, and a real commitment to implementing good governance based on a strong belief in the importance of ensuring ethics in business. Steven has board level experience in private and public companies and direct experience of resolving governance issues and restructuring in a public company.

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