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Edifice Complex Podcast  #031 Ask Us Anything

Edifice Complex Podcast #031 Ask Us Anything

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 218).    

This is a special “ask us anything” episode. We have picked 10 listener questions and tried to answer them in a respectful and thoughtful manner… ; )  

Many thinks to all our listeners and especially those who sent in questions, we really appreciate your time. 

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In this episode Robert gets excited about Greta Thunberg and we answer questions on:

  • What is building commissioning and how to fix the mess regarding commissioning qualifications and certifications.
  • “Net Zero” buildings and their effects on the power grid.
  • The high cost of construction.
  • What stops the building design process from being “great”?
  • Career advice for young engineers.
  • Definitive answer to the question “should you study for a Master’s Degree”?
  • Can the existing building stock be retro-fitted to be “Net Zero”?

Plus, much more……

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