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Edifice Complex Podcast –  #13 – Natalie Dione Alexander – How To Be A Leader In Heels

Edifice Complex Podcast – #13 – Natalie Dione Alexander – How to be a Leader in Heels

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 157). 

The podcast likes to profile women in property who are crushing it and stand as roles models for all young graduates, male or female. 

In that spirit and in addition to our normal schedule, our guest this episode (dropping July 2, 2018) is Natalie Dione Alexander talking about the property industry, leadership and her new book, How to be a Leader in Heels”.

In this episode, we discuss;

  • Sustainability and property development in the Caricom Trade Zone.
  • The importance of soft skills.
  • Her journey from immigrant to Canada to, RICS qualification to PhD Candidate.
  • Her book “How to be a Leader in Heels, Rules of the Game”.

And much more……

For more information on Natalie and her work:


Web site:

Twitter: @iliveasnatalie 

Instagram: iliveasnatalie


Natalie is a two consecutive year technical seminar presenter at the 2011 and 2012 CIQS-AGM; which took place in Jamaica and Newfoundland respectively. Natalie is also the first and only Canadian representative to have ever been accepted as a technical research presenter at the PAQS-AGM; which took place in Hong Kong in June 2014.

As a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and LEED Professional, Natalie links the relationship between Sustainable Development and Green Building Practices in the construction industry to economic growth. Evoking the ideology that real change happens when sustainable infrastructure and green building development, simultaneously contributes to economic growth and the improvement of our standards of living.  It is important to recognize the influence that the construction industry has on a country’s economy, and the lives of the people who occupy those buildings every day.

Natalie has been engaged in several construction projects for past eleven years. These projects include a high concentration of high-rise condominium developments in Toronto, a range of retail buildings, custom homes, subdivision developments, LTC facilities, and commercial properties across many cities within Canada, to commercial buildings in St. Vincent, to world renowned hotels in St. Lucia.

A now budding entrepreneur, PhD Candidate, author, and founder of BEE Networking, Natalie believes that the pursuit of her career should not be limited to growing only herself.  As such, she uses her high levels of academic qualifications, along with over a decade of experience working in a male-dominated industry, to inspire and motivate young professionals (especially women and immigrants) to find their voice and create an identify for themselves. 

Twitter: @BLDWhisperer

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