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Edifice Complex Podcast Launch

Edifice Complex Podcast Launch

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 118) – All IMHO:
I am outside my comfort zone. Starting a podcast and getting everything ready has required a lot of learning.
Who knew, talking with interesting people is difficult! Interviewing is a skill that Robert and I are developing. All I can say for now, we are getting better as we complete more interviews. 

So here we are, several interviews done and launching the podcast today with two episodes. In episode #001 Robert and I discuss;

  1. Why we started a podcast
  2. Worldview’s and philosophies  
  3. Why are zero defect, high performance buildings like unicorns​

And much more……
In episode #002 our guest is Dr. Nicholas (Nick) Clements. Nick is an engineer working with the Well Living Lab (WLL), conducting research on improving human health, experience, and performance in the built environment. Prior to working with the WLL, Nick was involved in research areas that include indoor and outdoor air quality, microbial communities, and infection control.
In episode #002, we discuss;

  1. Nicks work with WLL and DELOS
  2. Behavioural Science
  3. Data Mining Analytics for buildings
  4. Infection control
  5. LEED, IEQ, CDC and more

And much more……

Going forwards there will be 1 episode per month dropping on the 15th  via iTunes, Google Play and YouTube. To subscribe and for more information please go to:

Podcast web site:
Podcast YouTube page:
Podcast Facebook page:

We hope you enjoy the podcast. If you do, please subscribe and share with your networks. 

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