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Edifice Complex Podcast Top Downloaded Episodes 2021

Edifice Complex Podcast Top Downloaded Episodes 2021

2021 is over and the numbers are finally in. The top 3 downloaded episodes in 2021 were:

  1. Jennifer Berthelot-Jelovic – #055 Sustainability & WELL Certification
  2. Ian Shapiro – #056 Green Building Illustrated
  3. Prof Liam O’Brien – #054 ABnB Reviews & Built Environment Research

Thank you and congratulations to Jennifer Berthelot-Jelovic for a great interview.

It should be noted we have not done any deep analysis here. However, since the beginning of the podcast 4 years ago, the most downloaded episode to date is:

Given the impact of Jennifer and Holley’s interviews, I think we need more interviews with women in STEM and property..… : )

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