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Every Point Of Contact (E.P.O.C)

Every Point of Contact (E.P.O.C)

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 289).

How do you differentiate yourself and your firm in a property industry that commoditizes everything, including professional services?

The short answer is E.P.O.C.

I know, you went to collage and university for years at great expense. Then you had to spend years learning on the job to be competent because collage and university did not prepare you to be skilled, effective and billable.

Then the property design and construction industry makes you play the hunger games and purchases your services the same way it purchases bricks. After all this effort, in a world of commoditized services you are a price taker not a price giver.

If you are a price taker, the best way to differentiate yourself and firm is via service. Ask yourself, are you selling a service or experience? I believe, you are selling a service plus an experience.

In the absence of proprietary IP, you cannot dictate market price, but you have 100% control over client experience. Client experience is the sum total of everything the client receives, experiences and feels when interacting with you and your firm.

IMHO, the most effective business strategy to ensure happy clients and an invitation to always bid, is to focus on experience using E.P.O.C.

E.P.O.C. is the fanatical dedication to detail from the client perspective i.e. ensuring Every Point Of Contact is impeccable, exceptional and delightful.

Good enough, is not enough. Ask yourself:

  • What is it like to be a client of your firm receiving deliverables?
  • What is it like to visit your office for a meeting”?
  • What is it like to communicate with your firm”?

Being your client has to be an epic experience, so good, they want to rig the bidding so you win the project!

Implementing E.P.O.C. includes:

  • Phones are always answered professionally in 2 rings.
  • Calls and e-mails are answered meaningfully in a maximum of 24 hours.
  • E-mails are consistent, professional and concise. It amazes me how bad people are at e-mail.
  • Visitors are treated like heads of state.
  • You deliver your scope of work on time and exceed expectations always.
  • You immediately own and over compensate for any mistakes.

Does this actually exist? Yes, I have seen it several times and unexpectedly I experienced this at a massive construction firm when I attended a pitch meeting. The experience was pure class from the initial greeting at the front desk to meeting the director of construction.

E.P.O.C. is a choice, a strategy and culture, it is a vibe. It is also completely possible, you have to make the commitment and fanatically execute on it.


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