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Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 300).

The real genius of Google and Facebook was to link everything to identity.

Whilst there are huge externalities due to surveillance and lack of privacy, linking identity to actions leads into a world of evidence based work and deliverables. The algebra is this:

Internet of things (IOT) + High Speed Internet (5G) + Identity (Surveillance) = Accountability (Value or Social Graph)

This algebra means your work and deliverables are measurable in real time. If you are not good at your job, slack off or mess up it will be known. This algebra brings accountability via evidence.

IMHO, there will be some profound effects as we transition to a real time, evidence based, performance monitoring environment, particularly in the property design, construction and facilities management realm. Let me explain my thinking.

Human Capital

I believe, built environment professional services e.g. architecture, quantity surveying, engineering etc. will become more digitized and software based and likely transition to management and evaluation by task and output rather than hours in the office. This will be driven by high skilled people wanting to work from home or anywhere other than an office plus a growing skills shortage driven by “baby boomers” retiring in large numbers.

Results Produced

The real insights will come from being able to design in a 100% digital space then measure systems plus whole building performance in real time. As technology advances and costs of IOT and 5G fall, real time performance measurement will become normal. Real time performance measurement will show building owners who is really delivering the goods. When systems performance is measured in real time you find out:

  • If the energy model was accurate i.e. evidence based design
  • Which system is operating within tolerance i.e. evidence based commissioning & facilities management
  • If the design team delivered the most carbon efficient solution i.e. evidence based design
  • If the construction team delivered a high quality building i.e. evidence based construction
  • If the facility manger is doing a good job i.e. evidence based building operations

Building, design, construction, commissioning and operations will increasingly become data driven.

You cannot manage what you do not measure. The days of rule of thumb design, poor construction outcomes, “desk jockey” facilities management and zero accountability are coming to an end.

Leaders manage the unknown and managers manage the known. Based on my thesis above, I believe management will be digitized and automated.

The evidence based world will be awesome if you can produce results and deliver at scale i.e. be good at your job. However, it will be a horrible place to be if you are average or lazy. Prepare accordingly!

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