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Fantasy Project Team – Assemble!

Fantasy Project Team – Assemble!

​Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 46) – All IMHO:

I am sometimes asked who I recommend for certain projects and services. This got me thinking about who would be on my fantasy project project team. Therefore based on two scenarios, my fantasy project team would consist of:

Project 1 Toronto, Canada: 1m sq ft, AAA High rise office with retail and residential

Project Development Manager: For this pivotal role I would want Mr. Don Maw of MHPM project managers ( ). He is that rare person in Canada who understands the difference between project development management and project management. It should be noted that a development manager is a SME and leader whilst typically a project manager is a mid level minute taker and manager of e-mails, IMHO. 

Commissioning Authority: David Green of CDML ( ), enough said! I guess I am biased but if you want someone with deep expertise and passion about handing over buildings that actually work, Dave is your man. 

Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects ( ). IMHO Diamond Schmitt are innovative, stylish and understand sustainability. 

Structural & Facade Engineer: A safe pair of hands is needed here and I would use Read Jones Christoffersen ( ).

Civil Engineer: Again a safe pair of hands is needed here and I would use MMM Group ( ). 

Mechancial Engineer: This is so often the week link in building design, therefore I would have to create a firm of talented individuals who understand sustainability and delivery of buildings that actually work. My picks for this all star team would be Geoff McDonell from Integral Group, Martin Friedman and Robert Bean from  

Electrical Engineer: Based on experience in Toronto and with AAA offices I would pick Mulvey & Banani ( ).

Wind Engineering: This would have to be RWDI ( ).

Energy Modelling Specialist: Energy modelling is not all science, there is a vital element of interpretation or lets say art. Energy modellers need to have a deep knowledge of building systems design, controls sequences of operation and the limitations of certain modelling software. My pick here would be Eoghan Hayes of IONS Engineering ( ).

BREEAM Consultant: I would target a BREEAM rating of “Excellent” rather than LEED certification to differentiate the project and appeal to international corporations who might lease the space. My choice here is Francois des Vignes of CDML ( ). Francois is the only qualified BREEAM assessor in North America, case closed!

Digital O&M Manuals: CDML Converge ( ). Yes I am biased but it is the only digital O&M manuals solution in Canada.

Main Construction Contractor: PCL and Ellis Don are good choices here but on balance I would go with Ellis Don ( ). Ellis Don are doing some interesting things in the sustainability and carbon accounting arena.  

Project 2 Dubai, UAE: 1m sq ft, AAA High rise office with retail and residential

Project Development Manager: M3 Consulting from the UK ( ). The best development managers in the world, bar none IMHO. 

Commissioning Authority: AJB ( ). One of the largest commissioning firms in the Middle East. 

Architect: WilkinsonEyre ( ). I love their work!

Structural Engineer: Not because I used to work there but because they are awesome and are great at delivering multi discipline, integrated design. Arup ( ).

Civil Engineer: Arup ( ).

Mechancial Engineer: Arup ( ).

Electrical Engineer: Arup ( ).

Energy Modelling Specialist: I like the approach and work of Mario Saab and his team at SEEDS ( ).

BREEAM / ESTIDAMA /  LEED Consultant: I have a great experaince working with Omar Katanani on several projects. So who ever he is working for at a given time would be my pick as long as he did the project. 

Digital O&M Manuals: AJB ( ). For their excellent technical writing and their collaboration with CDML Converge. 

Main Construction Contractor: Frankly there is a lot of choice and I am completely undecided. 

Please remember this is all IMHO and I reserve the right to change my mind at any given time. However if I had to chose today these would be my picks if I were the money and the developer. 

This will be the last post this year, I will be back in January.

I wish everyone a peaceful, prosperous and happy new year. 

BTW: This is a photo of one of my favourite project team.

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