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Friction Ladders

Friction Ladders

How many times are you willing to hit your head against a wall before you stop and try something else? 10 times? 49 times? I draw the line at 50 times!

I have to experience being annoyed, inconvenienced, fed up, frustrated, time poor, wasting money at least 50 times before I do something about it. You might say 50 times is a lot, maybe I am a little stupid? I am inclined to agree with you, but this is typically how many times I have to hit a wall to do something about it. The conspiracy of comfort in doing what I have always done, is a powerful, self defeating force.

I am now clear that time really is a wasting, nonrenewable resource, so I try to make things as easy as possible. I ask myself, how do I make what I am doing easier and more fun? The answer to this question always comes down to removing friction.

Friction is an invisible force that can quickly escalate into a ladder of stress and costs. Let’s look at a simplified friction ladder for locating paper drawings:

  1. Finding where the paper drawings are physically stored;
  2. Travelling to storage building or room;
  3. Sorting through racks, boxes or piles to find correct drawing;
  4. Returning to work space to copy and/or use paper drawing;
  5. Returning the paper drawing to its correct location so others can find it. BTW. this never happens in real life.

This friction ladder has 5 points of possible failure whilst simultaneously costing time and money.

DCM Inc, The Drawings Specialists focus on removing friction. With one phone call DCM can retrieve, scan, catalogue and digitize all your building architectural and engineering drawings using their 6 step process.

DCM have done this from start to finish in as little as 1 week for some clients who are fed up with hitting their heads against the wall and just want to work with ease. It takes only one phone call to start you on the path to working with ease!

There are costs associated with friction and they can all be eliminated when drawings are digitized enabling users to work with ease. To download a brief digital drawing “Return on Investment” paper that breaks down what it really costs to find drawings click here

Once the frustration and costs of paper drawings get too much clients call DCM and go digital. After they go digital, they never look back. Here are 2 clients talking about the benefits of removing friction.

If you still do not believe me about the power of reducing friction, consider this. The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, built his fortune around one of the most understated and powerful tools, “one click purchase”. He removed clicking plus form filling friction and made it possible to decide, press one button then have an item appear at your door within 24 hours. That is low friction in action!

Remove FRICTION and work with EASE. Start by converting your paper drawings to digital then reap the benefits of finding the correct drawings in seconds. Get a digital drawing management strategy from DCM Inc, The Drawings Specialists.

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