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From Chaos To Order

From Chaos to Order

You have taken the leap, joined the 21st century and digitized all your facilities drawings.

Now What?

I have worked on several projects where there was no shortage of digital drawings but a real shortage of revision control making it almost impossible to be sure you are accessing the most up to date drawing.

Having thousands of drawings scanned and digitized is a great first step. However, if all these drawings have nonsense naming and tags with no revision notations, then over time, thousands of hours will be wasted searching, sorting and opening incorrect drawings. Sort of defeats the point of being digital.

The way to being order to this chaos is digital revision management and powerful search. Once all your drawings are digitized what matters is:

  1. being able to undertake key word searches;
  2. being able to see a list of all revisions;
  3. being able to access all previous revisions;
  4. being able to see and make comments.

DCM Inc, The Drawings Specialists has this covered with echo, their industry leading drawing search and management software. The screen shots below show how easy it is to see all of the revisions, versions and comments for each drawing.

When working on fit outs or upgrades to existing facilities, access to historic drawings and being able to audit previous changes reduces risks and prevents expensive mistakes.

Accurate, automated revision control is insurance against claims and wasted work!

Embrace change and go digital. Start by converting your paper drawings to digital then reap the benefits of digital mark-ups and version control. Get a digital drawing management strategy from DCM Inc, The Drawings Specialists.

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