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Getting Serious About Your Project Data

Getting Serious About Your Project Data

We are all in the data business. However, some of us do not yet realize this!

Data management and analysis is a key business performance differentiator. Data collection, quality, management, sorting, retrieval and analysis will be the difference between success and failure in the future. Does your business manage data well?

Taking building commissioning as an example, let’s say you want to know how many systems/equipment on the 1st floor of a building have open issues, have test forms or activities that are incomplete, that are on systems of type FCU or AHU, AND are from the manufacturer ACME Equipment.

Or you might have a bunch of punch list items linked to test forms and checklists scattered throughout the project, and you need to know what equipment and what test forms still have open issues. Maybe you need to know this for just the basement level and equipment related to the primary heating and cooling systems. How do you answer these questions in seconds?

With the filtering and query capabilities in BlueRithm, the answers to these questions are available in seconds. Take a look at this short video for more.

If you and your team are ready to start taking control of your projects, and want to get started, you can begin a free trial right now.




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