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Hiring Tactics

Hiring Tactics

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 318).

One of the riskiest things a firm has to do is hiring. Hiring is a game of risk. Think about it, a poor hire can:

  • Ruin existing long term client relationships, resulting in a loss of business.
  • Cause valuable team members to leave.
  • Harm clients via poor work.

Jobs with responsibility that require skills have consequences. Therefore an evidence based, skills first hiring approach is necessary. Skills first means, show me what you have done, not what you think you can do.

Once skill level has been determined, 3 other factors must also be assessed:

  1. Communication and people management abilities.
  2. Cultural fit.
  3. Flexibility.

Given the above, this is my approach to hiring.

Education Vs Credentials

I want education, training and experience not credential chasers. Overt, multiple acronyms after someone’s name is in my experience, inversely correlated with their actual abilities. Also, education and training must match job requirements.


I want copies of all claimed education, credentials and awards bought to the interview. I am constantly surprised by the number of people who cannot produce evidence of claimed achievements.

Work Experience

Red Flags:

  • Jumpers” i.e. Long resumes due to multiple jobs under 1 or 2 years.
  • Flat liners” Lack of progress in job seniority and stature.

Amber Flag:

  • Nesters” Too long at one employer i.e. over say 12 years. Can indicate a lack of ambition or progress and needs to be investigated during interviews.


  • Does LinkedIn & Resume (CV) match up?
  • LinkedIn photo i.e. Professional? Casual? Appropriate?
  • Evidence of work or outcomes (papers, awards, references, statistics)

Observations and Opinions

From review of candidate resume and LinkedIn, is the candidate:

  • Self aware or delusional?
  • Humble?
  • Team player or lone wolf?
  • Coachable?
  • Clear communicator?
  • Detail oriented?

All to be investigated further during interviews.


Prior to interview, candidate should take and forward results from 2 online personality tests:

1. Belbin
2. Myers Briggs


Never interview on your own, use a panel approach. We are programmed at the subconscious level to hire in our own image. For a candidate to get a job offer, at least 3 people should think this is a good idea.

Hiring is risky, it is a filtering process. When done well, a good hiring process enables the business and the hired person to flourish AKA, a win win!

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