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Independent Building Cx Minimum Viable Scope

Independent Building Cx Minimum Viable Scope

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 432).

If a building is a system of systems, what is the minimum viable scope of work for building systems commissioning?

To ask this another way, what is the minimum commissioning scope of work necessary to ensure the building and its systems are operationally ready?

Stating a building is operationally ready is to attest all building systems and major equipment are fully functional in all modes of operation in accordance with specified performance. This is what owners actually pay for.

The next question that also needs answering is, what systems require commissioning to ensure operational readiness?

The systems that IMHO, require commissioning to verify building operational readiness are:

  • Building envelop
  • Vertical transportation
  • Fire, Life Safety
  • MEP
  • ELV
  • Access control

The absolute minimum commissioning scope of work for each system IMHO is:

How does this minimum scope of work play out?

My minimum commissioning scope task matrix is:

Why does this matter?

From an owners perspective, building commissioning is a compliance and verification tool. Building commissioning seeks to answer the “how” questions:

  • How is this building and its systems performing?
  • How does this building meet building code?
  • How does this building meet specification?
  • How is this building operationally ready?
  • How is this building Net Zero?
  • How is this building high performance?

From a high level perspective;

  • Design sets intention & performance
  • Project management delivers intention & performance
  • Commissioning verifies intention & performance
  • FM maintains intention & performance

There are in my opinion way too many commissioning guides, codes and standards. As an industry we need to agree the minimum scope of work and standardise the whole process. If you disagree with this, please change my mind.

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