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Integration Of Bluerithm With Willow Digital Twin Platform

Integration of Bluerithm with Willow Digital Twin Platform

Bluerithm are thrilled to unveil their  latest integration with Willow, a leading digital twin platform that’s revolutionizing the built world for a more sustainable and efficient future.

Willow’s commitment to making buildings smarter and delivering on their intended purpose through transparency and verification, and easy access to clean and comprehensive data aligns with our vision at Bluerithm.

In the modern construction landscape, the digital delivery process is paramount for a successful digital twin delivery. This process necessitates tools like Bluerithm to:
Facilitate the seamless transfer of asset and equipment data from design tools such as Revit by Autodesk.Collect vital equipment data from contractors and other stakeholders during the construction phase.Ultimately, integrate this data into a digital twin platform like Willow.
Bluerithm stands as a bridge between these diverse parties, tools, and workflows. We automate the crucial yet often tedious task of data collection and transfer, ensuring that every piece of information is accurately captured and integrated.

With this new integration, project stakeholders can now harness the combined power of Bluerithm’s rigorous workflows and Willow’s intelligent building management.


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