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Introducing Bluerithm AI Tools

Introducing Bluerithm AI Tools

AI has become a hot topic across industries, including construction, engineering, and commissioning. It’s understandable and healthy to be apprehensive or curious. You might ask, “Can we trust AI?” or “What role does AI have in construction, engineering, or commissioning?” You might even wonder, “Is AI here to replace me?”

We are excited to shed light on these concerns and introduce the latest development in Bluerithm. Our aim is not to replace but to augment and enhance your work process with AI. We envision AI as your ‘engineering assistant’, a powerful ally that complements your skills, optimizing tasks, and delivering value with less effort.

Here are just a couple simple examples of what this ‘engineering assistant’ can do for you:

  1. Develop Custom Test Forms and Checklists – Say you need a custom form for a particular air handling unit. Instead of starting from scratch, the AI tool utilizes project-specific information and additional context like plain-language instructions, sequence of operations, etc. that you provide. It then generates a form tailored to your needs, which can be replicated for other units on your project. The form is editable and can even be downloaded to Excel, modified, and uploaded back if needed.
  2. Develop Process Tracking Document for LEED Certification – If you aim to achieve LEED certification for a project, our AI tools can create a process tracking document, ensuring you stay on course. The AI tool follows the same process as creating other collateral (e.g., test forms and checklists) to deliver a LEED process checklist ready for use.

AI is here to enhance your abilities, streamline your work, and free up your time for tasks that need your direct input and expertise. It’s not about replacement; it’s about teamwork and efficiency.

Read more and watch a short demo video of one of the AI tools in action

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If you’re not already using Bluerithm, we want to hear about your company, team, and projects, and find out if Bluerithm will be a good fit for you.

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