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LEED V4 Cx Begins During Design Phase

LEED V4 Cx Begins During Design Phase

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 269).

Please repeat after me, “LEED Commissioning begins during design phase”

It is disappointing that senior design and construction professionals who should know better and profess love and admiration for the LEED green building certification program, do not understand what LEED Commissioning prescribes. That is correct, LEED Commissioning is prescriptive and they are super clear with what is required.

Key points to know when on a LEED project:

  • LEED V4 EA Pr1 Fundamental Commissioning & Verification is a prerequisite. It is not optional.
  • LEED V4 EA Enhanced Commissioning requires consideration and selection of alternative options. The owner and design team have to strategize and specify the options they select.
  • To pursue LEED V4 EA Enhanced Commissioning, the LEED CxA may not be an employee of the design or construction firm nor a subcontractor to the construction firm.
  • LEED Commissioning as defined by the USGBC is to be commenced during early design phase.

There are several commissioning deliverables required to meet compliance with USGBC requirements during design phase. Doing them retrospectively is unprofessional, a failure and of zero value.

The link below will take you to a free download page where you can obtain a network diagram that details the LEED Commissioning scope and its deliverables by project phase. The diagram covers Pr1 Fundamental Commissioning & Verification plus LEED V4 EA Enhanced Commissioning, Option1, Path 1 (download here).


This diagram is for informational purposes only and represents the sole personal views and opinions of the author.

In summary, the USGBC require the LEED CxA to be an independent specialist and commence work in early design phase. Look into my eyes….. “LEED Commissioning begins during design phase”!

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