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Luxury Hotel Design

Luxury Hotel Design

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 221).

Following feed back from my previous post on “Robust CHW System Design” and things that do not survive human algorithms i.e. copy & paste design or value engineering, this post provides some additional recommendations for “super luxury” hotel design.

To review, my assignment was to advise a client that wanted systems design to support a mission critical building plus a “super luxury” hotel. The clients past experience with systems maintenance and operation was horrific.

The building services design solution had to solve for two objectives:

1. Persistence of performance.
2. Low maintenance in terms of call backs and building user complaints.

My answer last week in post #220 covered mission critical CHW systems. This week we will look at recommendations for:

  • Bedroom building services design
  • DHWS

A “super luxury” hotel is all about the guest experience and the “room” experience is vital.

Bedroom Building Services Design Tactics

  • Incorporate “Biophilic” design elements.
  • Design for IAQ.
  • Design for control of room temperature and humidity.
  • Ensure correct room, corridor and building pressurization at all times for comfort, odour and mould control.
  • Use “right sized” FCU’s or VRF units, avoid heat pumps.
  • Select FCU’s or VRF units to deliver capacity at low speed.
  • Target NR 30 for the room at “pillow level” with the FCU or VRF on full cooling
  • Take care to locate the supply diffuser to deliver air across the ceiling (cooling dominant locations) and away from the bed.
  • Do not use flexible ductwork.
  • Use a ceiling shadow gap slot (i.e. low velocity terminal) for toilet / bathroom exhaust.
  • Use 10 ACH for toilet exhaust.
  • Layout the bathroom so the toilet can be used without gymnastics and clashes with the door, door stopper and bidet.
  • Simplify lighting control so a computer programming course is not required to control everything
  • Reduce to a minimum, the number of flashing neon lights. Nobody wants a flashing light show when trying to sleep.

DHWS Design Tactics

  • Install an instantaneous (max 30 sec’s) DHWS with pumped water circulation and storage calorifiers.
  • Install grey water recycling and solar thermal heating for the DHWS.
  • Use medium flow shower and bath fixtures and low flow toilet and basin faucets.
  • Install oversized shower drainage to prevent pooling.
  • Simplify all controllers and shower fixtures.

Hotel design is a bit like residential design, finishes take precedence over engineering. From an owners and architects perspective, building services engineering is the “embedded, unseen technology” and is an easy target for value engineering.

However, this “embedded unseen technology” is keenly felt at a conscious & subconscious level by guests, it can literally can make or break the guest experience.

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