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MacGyver’s COVID Response

MacGyver’s COVID Response

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 268).

Full credit to my podcast partner Robert Bean, AKA Canada’s building services “MacGyver”.

Using his deep experience and domain expertise Robert has posted solutions for isolating at home to minimize cross infection risk.

This is a triage approach and by no means implied to substitute the combined advice from an engineer and physician with experience in negative pressure rooms. However, the solutions below and on Roberts website can in my opinion, be implemented easily and could make a real difference.

Here are 3 images, which are really brief notes from Roberts website which has more details and resources.

Home-based isolation bedroom sharing a common bathroom


Home-based isolation bedroom with attached bathroom


Examples from MacGyver’s Personal Setup

The point here is that for minimal cost, using supplies from a typical Home Depot, the home environment can be managed to maximize health & safety and minimize infection transmission.

Please note, neither Robert nor I make any claims or warranties, stated or implied, concerning the efficacy of these proposed solutions. This is for information only and is implemented at the users own risk.

I hope the above is useful. This is the link to Roberts dedicated web page with more detail, information and resources.

Drawings and images copywrite plus credit to @healthyheating. Above can be reused with full credit to Robert Bean @healthyheating.

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