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New New Everyday Driver

New New Everyday Driver

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 209).        

Well, summer went by fast!

My first order of business after the summer break has been to call time on my experiment to go back to a flip phone, actually a Nokia 8110 banana phone. 

I loved the Banana phone but it turns out:

  • I received no calls. I discovered all my communication is via WhatsApp, Skype and IMO.
  • The only cell line calls I get are from sales people. 
  • Not being reachable during the day meant work in the evenings when I got my iPad out and I could access WhatsApp, Skype and IMO.
  • Texting on a Banana phone is time consuming and frustrating. 

Due to excessive travel working on international projects, I guess it makes sense most of my communication is via WhatsApp, Skype and IMO. These services transcend boarders and make my work life possible. 

So after 8 years on an iPhone and based on a recommendation from a friend, shout out to Garry, I am now using an unlocked Huawei P30, duel sim.

I have kept to the minimum essential App’s, no Facebook and a solid data plan for each sim. I keep it on airplane mode mostly and check in for messages and calls 4 times per day. I still aspire to be an “elite” and not have to use a smart phone. However, I am about $5m short so far. 

Not gonna lie, despite my utter distrust of anything Google or Facebook related, I am impressed and loving life with Huawei and Android! 

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