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New Year Purge

New Year Purge

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 178).   

Each year I have a “purge” in an attempt to optimize. I ask myself:

  1. How can I have more fun?
  2. How can I simplify?
  3. How can I delegate more?

This is my way to mentally and physically “lighten the load” so I go into the new year fresh. 

I also focus on reducing digital security risks and the amount of software I use. My Jan 2019 “purge” looks like this.

Credit Cards – Manage Security

  • As I travel a lot I change credit card each year to prevent fraud which also ensures I review all subscriptions and reduce to the essentials. 

Certifications – Reduce to Must Haves 

  • I let my PMP certification lapse because frankly, no-one cares. $119 USD per year saved.
  • I let my LEED AP certification lapse, also because, no-one cares. $85 USD per year saved.

Communications – Reduce to Improve Quality

  • My goal is to reduce e-mail to a means of information transfer only i.e. zero conversations by e-mail. 
  • Use video or voice calls in first instance or WhatsApp for conversations.
  • Never using or checking voice mail. 
  • Remove Facebook from all devices. 
  • Delete all contacts who are inactive, negative or soul sucking.
  • Getting comfortable with the word no. Only saying yes to things I really want to do. 

E-mail – It must die!

  • Closed all personal e-mail accounts – immediate benefit, massive reduction in e-mail flow.
  • Review and reduce who gets my e-mail address going forwards.
  • Never giving a sales person my e-mail address again. 
  • Review all e-mail subscriptions and only opt into the ones I actually read.
  • Open new personal e-mail account which has the benefit of never seeing sales e-mails from my old account…. : )
  • Checking e-mail twice per day maximum.
  • Only responding to e-mails sent directly to me. Any e-mail I am CC’d on will be filed but not read. 

Software – Remove and Rationalize 

  • Closed Evernote account and moved to Apple Notes. $95.88 USD per year saved.
  • Stoped using Visio and moved to Concept Draw suite because it works on Mac and PC. 
  • Closed private mail account and moved to Apple iCloud. $75 USD per year saved.

Devices – Rationalize

  • No more desk top computers.
  • Changing personal mobile phone number and account. This is cleansing as you can start again and chose who gets your number and reduces sales calls to zero for a while. 
  • Move to 1 mobile phone with duel sim which is now possible with iPhone.
  • Using only one screen (see below) on my iPhone to reduce number of apps I use. 

Delegation – As Much As Possible

  • I am using more than ever and it is great. More of this in 2019. 

Fun – As Much As Possible

  • I love what I do and the podcast ( ) is a delight, Robert and I are talking to some amazing people. 
  • Actively avoid shitty people and situations. 

My main takeaway is that canceling and renewing, credit cards, personal e-mail and phone number every 1 or 2 years enhances personal security makes you audit your communications. 

I now feel lighter, focused and ready for 2019. Get some! 

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