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Ethics & Red Lines & Plastic Bottles

Ethics & Red Lines & Plastic Bottles

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 165).   

Where is the red line for ethics in the property industry and for you personally? 

What are the externalities of poor ethics, corruption and cronyism? 

Our next guest (dropping October 15th) on the Edifice Complex podcast discusses ethics with some fascinating insight. 

When we are safe and comfortable, we tell ourselves the “story” that we would do the right thing when tempted or challenged. But would we? “I was only following orders or doing what everyone else was doing” is not an acceptable defence.

How things are, everyday quality of life, is about individual and group behaviour. What we say, think and do are three different things, this is what makes us human and ethics an important and tricky subject. It all comes down to “who we are in the world? Are we a force for good, bad or mediocrity?  Think about this:

  1. During the liberation of France in 1945, every person the allies encountered was a resistance fighter. Really?
  2. If you are against the death penalty, would you, for example, as an engineer, work on a prison project with a death chamber? 
  3. If you know your project is unsafe, built with corners being cut or will be environmentally damaging will you continue to work on it?

These day to day personal choices are based on our hierarchy of needs plus our value system. The aggregate of all these individual decisions emerge as culture in projects, businesses, cities and nations. 

I personally believe that change for good begins with a personal moral and ethical foundation. In the long run, only bad things come from poor ethics. How can one take an ethical stance and make an impact? I believe the answer is in the power of intention plus aggregate consumerism, which is a massive, untapped force for change. 

Is it ethical to use single use plastic bottles? How about we all stop using plastic bottles or consume less meat? BTW, I love eating meat but maybe I could eat it only 3 times per week. If this happened on mass things would visibly change and the environment would benefit. 

Just a rambling thought and like most of my ideas, it is not fully thought out. However I like it and IMHO the choices we all make and the ethics behind them matter.

Please know I am not a SJW or hippy, to quote Malcolm McLaren the manager of the Sex Pistols, “never trust a  hippy” and I would add never trust a SJW. However IMHO we are at a tipping point regarding environmental degradation and something needs to be done. Here is my call to action mobilizing the power of mass consumerism, let’s all avoid plastic bottles. Do not buy or use plastic bottles for 1 year, see if you can do it. I will begin today!


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