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Ransomware Attacks – Are You Ready?

Ransomware Attacks – Are You Ready?

Facility and project managers, are you ready for a ransomware attack?

There have been two high profile ransomware attacks recently:

  1. Colonial Pipeline Co, Maryland USA were hacked. They were locked out of their system and a pipeline transporting approximately half of the USA East Coast’s fuel supply had to shut down for 11 days. In the end Colonial Pipeline Co had to pay a $4.4 million USD ransom to “Darkside” to get their business back online.
  2. JBS Foods, the world’s largest meat producer were hacked and held to ransom. Ultimately, they paid a $11 million USD ransom to get their business back online.

These are just two examples that made the news because of their impact on the public. There are hundreds of attacks every year that do not make the news.

The property industry is famous for being late to change. However, I am not sure facility managers and large property projects can ignore ransomware attacks. How much would you pay if:

  1. All your facility information assets were hacked and encrypted?
  2. All your project files were hacked and encrypted?

This form of attack is coming to you one day in the future. Many attacks may have already happened in multiple facilities but, they are not public knowledge to protect the incompetent and keep people from losing confidence. What can a facilities manager do?

  1. Pay for and implement up to date anti-virus software.
  2. Pay for and implement a firewall software.
  3. Implement security protocols around system and file access.
  4. Do not use Wi-Fi, use hard cabled data connections to all computers.
  5. Use a software solution to back up in real time, all your building information assets.

Item 5 is where DCM come in. If you have all your drawings in the DCM system, they exist in three places at once i.e. your facility and on the DCM servers, which are themselves, backed up.

In the nightmare event that you experience a ransomware attack on your network and do not want to pay ransom, DCM have all your drawings backed up and ready for re-deployment back to you when you have a rebuilt IT system up and running.

As well as being the premium drawing management software solution, DCM provide a form of free ransomware insurance for facilities and project managers to protect their information assets.

Why are you taking a risk? Convert your paper drawings to digital and get a digital drawing management strategy from The Drawing Specialists.

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