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Regulatory Compliance Using Echo DMS

Regulatory Compliance Using Echo DMS

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. DCM are drawing specialists for one simple reason, drawings are the most valuable building information assets.

Drawings can:

  1. Memorialize as built information.
  2. Communicate complexity and multiple data points on a single page.
  3. Be used as evidence of regulatory compliance.

What would you rather do, read pages of reports with dense text and tables or a drawing that has a visual of a system with comments and data points noted?

In my experience, technicians, journeymen and engineers are visual learners, they are biased to absorbing information visually.

Let us look at an example of a life safety system in a high rise building, the humble staircase pressurization system. This system keeps staircases clear of smoke so people can evacuate during a fire event.

In the UK and Europe, to comply with BS EN 12101-6:2005 the FM team must undertake and document:

  1. Weekly actuation tests plus check and record fuel levels for stand-by power systems.
  2. Monthly power failure tests plus airflow tests to check stand-by fans.
  3. Yearly full system test consistent with the 5 acceptance test procedures detailed in BS EN 12101-6:200.
  4. Full system re-tests following any modification to the building or system.
  5. All test results must be documented and recorded as detailed in BS EN 12101-6:200.

If there is an insurance or fire service investigation following a fire event, particularly an event resulting in loss of life, you better be able to produce the evidentiary maintenance and test documentation.

Each of these 5 staircase pressurization system verification tests can be recorded on a single schematic drawing that is annotated with the test results and filed with Echo DMS. If necessary, the other documents can also be appended and filed with the drawing within Echo DMS.

The screen shot below shows how easy it is to manage and audit regulatory compliance with Echo DMS.

  • The most current drawing has a green tick mark and is always presented first.
  • Drawing revision notes are displayed.
  • Previous versions of the drawing are listed and can be accessed with a single click.
  • Previous versions of the drawing that are clicked on have a red cross mark to ensure the viewer understands it is a superseded drawing and evidence of an audit trail.

With Echo DMS it is easy to keep track, manage and recover on demand, any drawing.

Why not simplify management of regulatory compliance and auditing?

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