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Report Automation: Shortcodes!

Report automation: Shortcodes!

BlueRithm just added a great new feature: shortcodes for reports!

What are shortcodes?
Shortcodes are a way to automatically insert content into a report page. You might already be familiar with shortcodes used in Bluerithm custom form building tools.

To use a shortcode in Bluerithm reports, you simply place the shortcode in the text where you want the content to appear. The shortcode will be replaced with the appropriate content when the report is exported.

There’s already a huge amount of similar automation in Bluerithm, where equipment tags are automatically placed on checksheets and forms, for example.

But this feature is great when leveraging report templates, where you can add shortcodes for things like the project name, customer name, etc. Shortcodes can help you fully automate the report creating and exporting process, since all of your static content like title pages, executive summaries, etc. can be reused from templates without needing to change any of the content, since the shortcodes can be used for project-specific variables in these documents.

And of course, the full breadth of the Bluerithm report building tools is still there to export your entire project – all content from early design phase, through construction and turnover.

Take a look at the powerful report building tool you have access to with Bluerithm.

There’s nothing else like Bluerithm!

It’s a technical project management platform that automates and streamlines complex work, like commissioning, completions, inspections, test and balance, and digital asset data management on commercial and industrial construction projects. It’s much more than a tool for simple checklists and test forms.

With Bluerithm you’re not forced into a certain way of building your workflows, test forms, and projects. You can use flexible building blocks to digitize the best practices you’ve worked hard to refine over time, as well as facilitate the digital workflows of tomorrow.

Let’s talk
If you’re not already using Bluerithm, we want to hear about your company, team, and projects, and find out if Bluerithm will be a good fit for you.

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