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Rising Factories

Rising Factories

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 168).

Rising Factories, now this is progress. What is your response North America? I can’t hear you……..

I am a huge fan of pre-fabrication to minimize onsite work. Rising Factories take things to whole new level. 

Mace, a UK construction firm has deservedly won the UK Construction News 2018 best innovation award for their “Rising Factories”.

The Rising Factory is a multi storey enclosure inside which the construction of a complete high rise building takes place over 5 construction levels. It provides a watertight space enabling control over the construction environment leading to high quality outcomes and enhanced certainty over schedule. Cranes, storage and welfare facilities needed for construction activities are all within the “Factory” enclosure.

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This onsite factory in the sky mitigates many of the dangers of traditional sites, such as working from height and reduces risk on some of the most hazardous parts of construction such as exterior cladding. 

As the factory climbs each week, a newly completed floor is revealed that requires only internal finishes. 

Here are some estimates from Mace based on Rising Factory projects to date:

  • 25% faster construction.
  • 30% vehicle movement reduction.
  • 75% waste reduction.

For example, a 482 unit, 36 story residential building achieved: 

  • 98% prefabrication.
  • Erected in 18 weeks. 
  • One floor was constructed in 55 hours!

This is competitive advantage and IMHO, is impressive.

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Apologies for the “Gladiator” movie reference but I’am very impressed. Great work Mace, you have restored my ability to believe that the construction industry can innovate and change. 

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