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Staricase Pressurization Systems – Who Wants It?

Staricase Pressurization Systems – Who Wants It?

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 112) – All IMHO:

I have to rant this week. Will someone please tell me definitively, who is responsible on new construction for the staircase pressurization system? Please note I said system! Is it:

  1. Designer (Architect, MEP)?
  2. Main contractor?
  3. Mechanical contractor?
  4. Electrical contractor?
  5. Fire system specialist? 
  6. Testing, adjusting & balancing specialist? 

My mind is boggled, because after all these years (37, thanks for asking), every project I work on there is no ownership of this vital life safety system. The staircase pressurization system is everybody and nobodys responsibility all at the same time and therefore no one owns it. The result is a life safety system that IMHO, is not safe. 

I believe it is the main contractors responsibility to ensure all players above (1 thru 6 inclusive) does their part. It is within the main contractors duty of care to manage, coordinate and ensure the necessary quality and performance outcomes. 

The design team must also do a better job specifying the design and testing standards (USA, UK, Local?), objective performance outcomes and who is who in the zoo i..e who does what? 

An info graphic and small e-booklet based on my previous post about the important staircase pressurization issues can be download from my website. These are designed to provide an overview and prompt questions that need answers prior to final testing and witnessing to the AHJ. 

BW 2017_Staircase Pressurisation System_Info Graphic” and “BW 2017_Staircase Pressurization Systems E Book” can be downloaded in PDF at

I hope this is useful, please feel free to share. 

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