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Summer Hiatus 2019

Summer Hiatus 2019

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 205).      

I have had several messages asking what my influences are, what podcasts I listen to and where I get my news and entertainment while travelling. So to answer all messages at the same time, these are my current favourites. 


1. Andrew Jenks – Checkout his podcast “gangster capitalism” about the USA college admissions scandal. Does not matter if you are on the left or right, his new podcast details how truly corrupt and broken the education system really is  

2. Abbey Martin – my favourite lefty

3. Tim Pool – fighting the good fight against institutional bullshit

4. Patrick Cockburn – serious guy with insight


1. Hardcore History – hands down, the most epic and best podcast ever!

2. Jocko Podcast – reminds me I really am soft and spoilt

3. Akimbo by Seth Godin – killer marketing insights 

4. Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway – The Prof is hilarious  

5. Joe Rogan Experience

6. The Fighter & The Kid – Bryan Callen is hilarious


1. Prof Scott Galloway

2. Naval Ravikant 

3. Joe Rogan

4. Bryan Callen

5. Christopher Walken – My favourite crazy person and Kevin Pollack does the best Walken impression ever.

6. William Shatner – The greatest Canadian ever! Yes, Captain Kirk is a French Canadian.

7. Kevin Hart and The Rock – They work so hard they make me feel lazy. 

News (I only watch TV news occasionally)

1. Strafor

2. RT

3. Jimmy Dore Show

4. Ben Shapiro Show

5. Kyle Kulinski Show  

6. Bloomberg

It is that time of year. Summer vacations plus my current long distance assignments mean the Building Whisperer blog will be on hiatus until September. 

All previous posts and free downloads are can be found at

The Edifice Complex podcast will continue on its normal monthly schedule with the next episode dropping August 15th. 

Thank you for reading my rambling thoughts and have a great summer!

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