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Summer Hiatus + Reading List

Summer Hiatus + Reading List

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 249).

Following last weeks post I was asked for a summer reading list. As this is my last post before summer hiatus, I thought I would post about my favourite books from last year.

1. Legionnaire. The autobiography of a young Englishman in the French Foreign Legion during the turbulent 1960’s. One of my favourite books. I read this book every few years for inspiration and to remind myself not to be soft.

2. Agincourt. A fantastic account of the battle that changed the course of European history and still echo’s today in the tradition of the British Forces commanding officers eve of battle speeches and the two fingered insults English football fans hurl at French fans. Also, an example of hubris leading to defeat by a smaller force. Leadership and tactics matter.

3. Noble House. Tale of 1 week hostile corporate takeover battle in 1960’s Hong Kong. Much more entertaining than it sounds.

4. Lords of the Desert & Line in the Sand. If you want to understand the present you must understand the past. These books layout the struggle between Britain and the USA for supremacy in the post WW1 Middle East and the history leading to todays conflicts and alliances.

5. When Money Dies. Every paper currency devalues to its intrinsic value eventually. Given our current economic issues this is an informative read about hyperinflation in post WW1 Germany.

It is that time of year for a break, the Building Whisperer blog will be on hiatus until September. The Edifice Complex podcast will continue on its normal monthly schedule with the next episode dropping July 15th.

Thank you for reading my rambling thoughts. Have a great summer, wear a mask and be well.

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