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The Global Calculator

The Global Calculator

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 86) – All IMHO:

Catching up on my reading while traveling, I read about an interesting tool (RICS July/Aug 2015 Modus)  modestly called the “Global Calculator” ( ). So how is it interesting?

Firstly I assume it was named by Dr Evil or some other megalomaniac. As a project management and building commissioning digital nomad I thoroughly approve of this title. Or maybe, it just does what it says on the box.

Secondly, for those of you thinking big about carbon and the built environment, I am speaking to you Mr. Andrew Bowerbank of Ellis Don, it looks useful. 

According to the RICS it is the largest open source model of the worlds energy system ever built. It is an interactive tool to help model global energy, land and food systems up to 2050 It assess cost and options for tracking climate change. It also models and helps to predict consequences of decisions out to 2100. 

This tool is for anyone interested in what a low carbon world might look like. The calculator allows you to design your own vision of the future energy, land and food system by making up to 40 choices to create alternate “pathways” to the future. IMHO, city planners, researchers, students, architects and engineers will all gain some insight using this tool. For the construction sector it can be used for R&D to model future trends and determine how the sector can respond to climate and carbon issues. 

According to the RICS, the Chinese government has used the tool to assess how it can reduce carbon emissions. Other power users noted are Mott McDonald, Shell and the World Energy Council. Open source tools like this make me happy the internet exists, we live in the best of technological times!

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