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The Optimism Of Thunderbirds – Summer Hiatus

The Optimism of Thunderbirds – Summer Hiatus

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 292).

Thunderbirds first launched onto British television in 1965, and for many, remains iconic and much loved.

The series is about the exploits of International Rescue, a global response organization founded by billionaire ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy on a beautiful island somewhere in the Pacific. His five sons, each named after a real life astronaut, control the five Thunderbirds machines, a fleet of rescue craft designed by the engineering genius Brains. They respond to calls for help and rescue people in trouble.

As a fan of technology, team work and excellence I still love this show today because it is profoundly optimistic. It was conceived and delivered in the 1960’s when optimism in the West was generally high and everything was considered possible. It reflects the world order of the day i.e. American lead technology, the optimism of space travel and the new post world war 2 rules base world order where like minded nations cooperate to push progress. I plan to spend the summer re-watching this show to remind myself to be optimistic and believe in the continuing progress of mankind.

Here is a link to the awesome Thunderbirds opening credits.

It is that time of year. Summer vacations plus my current to do list means the Building Whisperer blog will be on hiatus until September.

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The Edifice Complex podcast will continue on its normal monthly schedule with the next episode dropping July 15th.

Thank you for reading and have a great summer!

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