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The Right Project Data At The Right Time

The Right Project Data at the Right Time

Making it easy to find order in the chaos of complex projects is something we specialize in. With Bluerithm, you can give your team and clients tailored dashboards so they can focus on what matters to them.

Custom Filters and Dashboards
Bluerithm has powerful filters that allow you to build queries across many dimensions of your project. They’re present on most of the main pages of a Bluerithm project, and can be used to build lists of equipment, any type of work you’re tracking and managing, as well as the overview and dashboard pages.

For example, you may want a list of items from phase two of the project from certain systems of a certain equipment type that have construction phase activity that also have open issues. Getting answers to questions like this is easy.

Save and Share
You can save filters, share them with individuals or the entire project team, and then to load those filters from any other page in the project.

Then anyone you give access to those filters needs to do, is select and load the filters to see their dashboard or data.

This saves time not only for you and your team, but guest users that you invite to the project and give permissions to see dashboards and other metrics, so they can focus on the information that’s important to them.

Take a look, click here.

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