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VAV & Staircase Pressurization Knowledge Deficit?

VAV & Staircase Pressurization Knowledge Deficit?

Quality, Consequences and the Construction Industrial Complex (part 210). 

Analytics from my website always provide useful insight and have directed me to my current book projects. 

The screen shots below are typical for a two week period. Bottom line, there seems to be a thirst for information on VAV systems and to some extent, staircase pressurisation systems. 

Building Whisperer Website Analytics

How is VAV still a thing? IMHO, it is outdated and the industry should have moved away from it years ago. Yet here we are, decades along and there is still a lack of deep expertise and knowledge on how to design, install, commission and run VAV systems. 

In a way, this supports my theory that supply chains, not designers determine systems selection. Design teams need to own this reality or take their clients to better solutions. 

What I find really disturbing is the lack of knowledge I see on all projects regarding staircase pressurization systems, AKA life safety systems. Just confirming what standard they have been designed for can be very difficult in some countries. When it comes to commissioning them, most people take the software license acceptance approach i.e. no investigation, just close your eyes and sign off. 

IMHO, too much talk about poor building performance and not enough real change in building design practice!

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